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Dentist in Bella Vista Lists the Top 10 Dental Discoveries

November 27, 2017

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colorful news signAre you a trivia nerd, or do you just love to soak up all the information about oral health that you can get your hands on? Prepare to be amazed! From fascinating facts about our primate cousins to a discovery that could reduce the need for dental drilling, your dentist in Bella Vista is here to list some of the latest and greatest discoveries in the oral health field.

Low Testosterone and Gum Disease

Researchers from the Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry examined male macaques (a type of primate) and discovered that low testosterone has a link to periodontal disease. It is possible that a similar correlation might exist in human men.

No More Needles

Tons of people dread going to the dentist because they hate needles, even the needles that administer anesthesia. Recent research has unveiled a method that involves an electric current for administering anesthesia — no horrible pokey things required!

Glass Restorations

Most fillings and crowns these days are made of metal or porcelain, but in the not so distant future, a special type of glass might take their place. This “bioactive glass” is less likely to accumulate bacteria than traditional types of restorations.

Gum Disease and Cancer

Gum disease has often been linked with severe systemic health problems, including diabetes and heart disease. Recent research discovered that gum problems may also be linked to esophageal cancer.

Poisonous Fillings

A study recently discovered that patients with eight or more metal dental fillings are at a greater risk of suffering from mercury toxicity. Next time you need a filling, why not ask your cosmetic dentist in Bella Vista about non-metal alternatives to traditional amalgam restorations?

An Anti-Cavity Pill

Researchers are seeking to create a pill that can help to prevent cavities. The secret? An oral bacteria that fights the other types of bacteria (the bacteria that causes tooth decay).

Plastic Poses a Threat to Children’s Teeth

Some of the chemicals in water bottles and food containers may disrupt hormones that help children’s teeth develop enamel.

Mouth Breathing Leads to Cavities

Sleeping with your mouth open at night can dry out your oral cavity. Without enough saliva in there to fight off bacteria, you’re at a higher risk for tooth decay.

Oral Bacteria to Fight Celiac Disease

It’s possible that a type of bacteria found in saliva could help to battle celiac disease, a condition which causes people to have a bad reaction to gluten.

Reducing the Need for Drilling

Researchers are working on a liquid that may help dentists detect tooth decay in its earliest stages, meaning that major dental procedures that require drilling may become fewer and further between.

Modern dentistry is ever-evolving! Some of the world’s best brains are working to help you have a healthier smile.

About Combs & White Family Dentistry

Drs. Chris Combs and J. Cole White are pleased to serve the Bella Vista community. They love learning about new developments in dentistry and using those discoveries to help their patients. If you would like to learn more about how they can help you have a happy and healthy mouth, contact us at 479-855-6764.

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