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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Nearly everyone experiences a cavity at one point or another that requires a filling. Many older patients remember a time when metal amalgam fillings were the norm leaving a noticeable silver spot in their otherwise pearly white smile. Thankfully, the team at Combs & Associates Family Dentistry offers a more aesthetically pleasing alternative that restores oral health in an effective, conservative manner. With tooth-colored fillings, Dr. Chris Combs repairs damaged teeth seamlessly for patients in Bella Vista, and beyond.  

Do I need a filling?

Here are some cases where our team would recommend having a filling placed:

The Treatment Process

Having a tooth-colored filling placed is a very simple and fast procedure that requires a single appointment at either our Bella Vista location. First, Dr. Combs carefully removes any damaged portions of the treated tooth taking care to be as conservative as possible. Once the area is cleaned and prepared, then the doctor applies high-quality composite resin material to the area and sculpts it precisely so the natural shape and shade of the tooth is preserved. Finally, a curing light hardens the filling into place. You’re finished! 

Great Benefits

There are countless benefits associated with tooth-colored fillings, especially when compared to their traditional counterparts. These include: